Lyme Grinder '20

Postponed 'til late summer or fall. Date TBD


Registration for Lyme Grinder has been temporarily suspended due to current events.
Please follow our Facebook page to get up to date information.


Our love for gravel bike riding and racing came from some of the great races in MN. The grass roots nature of Almanzo, Dickie Scramble, Lakeville-Milltown-Lakeville, and the Fiddlin’ Fifty. Pieces of each of those events have made its way into this one. Mainly the grass roots, charitable, do something good and have fun doing it.

Additionally, Paul’s wife and son were diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2017 with help from Aalfa Family Clinic in White Bear Lake. We struggle for 3+ years to figure out what all of her weird symptoms were about until the doctor finally said ‘let’s test for Lyme.’ Fortunately it came back positive and we tested our son too. Since then we have been on a difficult journey of treatment and cycles to improve their health. However, if it was not for the doctor recognizing the signs of Lyme Disease, we may still be fighting those symptoms. Riding my bike with so many people and talking about Lyme has made me even more aware of how many people are affected by this horrible disease.

We live in an epicenter of Lyme disease and need to encourage more doctors to get education on how to detect it in their patients. The MN Lyme Assoc. provides education materials, training, seminars, and support groups for those affected by Lyme disease and their doctors. Doctors can apply for grant funds to attend ILADS training through the association and our money for this event will go to further their cause.

MN Lyme is a non-profit organization that seeks to to provide a supportive environment for people affected by Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and to educate the public and health professionals in the prevention, diagnosis, and effective treatment of these diseases.

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It can involve any system in the body. The brain and central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal systems are most commonly involved.

Lyme produces a wide array of symptoms. These symptoms vary from patient to patient and an individual’s symptoms often fluctuate – intense one day and almost nonexistent on another.